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We acquired ISO9001 in January 2015.
We will continue to put our customers first and focus on maintaining and improving our quality system.

Based on the Eitoku Code of Conduct, we will meet the expectations and demands of our stakeholders, recognize social issues, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the conservation of the global environment through our business activities.

持続可能な発展に向けた活動 -私たちはSDGsに賛同し、その達成に貢献します-
Recognizing various environmental and social issues, we are contributing to the formation of a sustainable society by promoting initiatives in collaboration with stakeholders such as customers, business partners, and local communities, not just our own company.
There is a strong need for efforts to realize a sustainable society on a global scale, such as the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations and the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, which sets out an international framework for global warming countermeasures at COP21. In order to continue to be a valuable company for our stakeholders, Eitoku supports the SDGs and will further enhance our activities to achieve them.

SDGsの基本理念は「誰ひとり残さない(No one will be left behind)」です。 SDGsは大きく5つに分類でき、それは「5つのP」と呼ばれ、People(人間)、Prosperity(豊かさ)、Planet(地球)、Peace(平和)、Partnership(パートナーシップ)に分けられます。 貧困の解決・飢餓の解決・教育などの社会目標、気候変動・エネルギー・生物多様性など環境目標、雇用・インフラ・生産と消費など経済目標に加え、不平等の解決・ジェンダーの平等・平和など、21世紀の世界が抱える課題を包括的に挙げています。 当社ではSDGs推進のため、17の目標の中でも特に以下の取り組みを実施しています。直接的、間接的と様々ですが幅広くSDGsを持続的に推進していきたいと思います。

The philosophy of the SDGs is "No one will be left behind". The SDGs can be broadly classified into five categories, called “five Ps”, which are divided into People (human), Prosperity (richness), Planet (earth), Peace (peace), and Partnership (partnership).  In addition to social goals such as poverty resolution, hunger resolution and education, environmental goals such as climate change, energy and biodiversity, economic goals such as employment, infrastructure, production and consumption, inequality resolution, gender equality and peace, etc. , Comprehensively lists the challenges facing the world in the 21st century.  In order to promote the SDGs, we are implementing the following initiatives among the 17 goals. We would like to continue to promote the SDGs in a wide variety of ways, both directly and indirectly.


For example, by manufacturing and providing lamps used in boccia competitions with new and lightweight materials, it is possible to carry them with people with disabilities and contribute to the provision of a healthy life through sports equipment, such as casually enjoying sports. We can do it.


The core labor requirements of the certified FSC® are "prohibition of child labor," "prohibition of forced labor," "elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation," and "freedom of association and respect for collective bargaining rights." We understand that it is included and are taking measures against it.


In order to make good use of limited water resources, in addition to efforts such as treating wastewater in the production process with water treatment equipment and reusing it, we strive to make effective use of water resources by reducing the total amount of water used. We are actively working to reduce the burden on the global environment, such as compliance with laws and regulations, activities, and activities to reduce factors that may affect the environment.

大気汚染や水質汚濁に関する法令の遵守や活動、環境に影響しうる要因の削減活動、CO2の排出量削減、太陽光発電の利用、電力使用量の軽減等、地球環境への負荷の軽減および地域環境基準の遵守に積極的に取り組んでまいりました。 今後も環境負荷の小さい生産環境の整備に取り組みます。

Compliance with laws and regulations regarding air pollution and water pollution, activities to reduce factors that may affect the environment, reduction of CO2 emissions, use of solar power generation, reduction of power consumption, etc. We have been actively working to comply with environmental standards. We will continue to work on improving the production environment with less environmental impact.


By engaging in the development and sales of new products, we create rewarding and sustainable employment for our employees. Through the manufacture of products and customer service, we will contribute to the economic growth of society by creating rewarding and sustainable employment for our employees.

一般的な段ボールケースはもちろん、撥水・強化などの特殊機能を付加した段ボール緩衝材などさまざまな製品を企画・設計し、最新機器にて製造してお客様のご要望にお応えしております。 また、シリコーン製品の製造・充填および梱包を行うグループ事業を通じて、世の中の最新材料の開発・発展にも貢献しています。

We plan and design various products such as general corrugated cardboard cases, as well as corrugated cardboard cushioning materials with special functions such as water repellency and reinforcement, and manufacture them with the latest equipment to meet the needs of our customers. We also contribute to the development and development of the latest materials in the world through our Silicone Group business that manufactures, fills and packs silicone products.


Even in the event of a disaster or emergency such as a large-scale earthquake or pandemic, we will formulate a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) so that it will not affect the lives of employees, neighbors, and the business of our business partners. We are preparing for the continuation and early recovery of. In addition, we will continue to cooperate in creating a comfortable city to live in through relationships with neighboring areas (residents).


We aim to build a system that not only sells the corrugated cardboard products that we have made, but also collects and recycles the products that are no longer in use. Eliminate wasteful consumption by developing lasting, high-quality products. In order to leave a comfortable earth for the next generation, we will work on corporate activities that consider the environment and society.

森林と他の生態系に直接依存する者のために生活が守られ、天然資源の恩恵を将来の世代も享受できるようFSC認証を取得しました。 貴重な森林資源の保全、地球環境負荷の低減に積極的に取組み、国際基準を満たす「適切な森林管理」をされた認証林から作られた製品をお届けいたします。

We have obtained FSC certification to protect our lives for those who are directly dependent on forests and other ecosystems, and to enjoy the benefits of natural resources for future generations. We will proactively work to conserve precious forest resources and reduce the burden on the global environment, and deliver products made from certified forests that meet international standards and have been "appropriately managed".

段ボールのリサイクルを同業他社とも協力し、業界全体で推進することを目指します。 FSC®中核的労働基準の要求事項に基づき「方針声明書」を策定し、労働基準法、男女雇用機会均等法に準拠した就業規則により男女差別を含むあらゆる差別を排除し、自発的かつ相互合意に基づく雇用関係を担保しております。

We aim to promote corrugated cardboard recycling throughout the industry in cooperation with other companies in the same industry. A “policy statement” was formulated based on the requirements of the FSC® core labor requirements, and all discrimination including gender discrimination was eliminated by employment rules based on the Labor Standards Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, and voluntary and mutual agreements were reached. We guarantee the employment relationship based on.

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